Dogs and the Enneagram

dogs and the enneagram personaliy types
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Dogs and the Enneagram

This week, we dig into the 9 personality types and how they relate to dog parenting. We’ll also interview special guest Kelsey Taylor, as well as share great stories from you, our fellow dog lovers, about which Enneagram type you think your dogs are.

The 9 Enneagram Types and Dog Breeds

Here’s a nifty diagram of types explained with dog breeds. This is, obviously, not a comprehensive list. Perhaps you might not find it entirely accurate. But it is a good place to start.

dogs and the enneagram

We believe our Jack Russell Terrier, Carson, leans more towards a Type 6. He is fiercely loyal and can’t stand to be away from us, unless of course he’s stealing the remote control, having a snack, or chasing a squirrel in the park. His wing is likely a 5, for he is constantly thinking and analyzing conversations and situations.

Our previous Jack Russell Terrier, Wiggles (may he rest in peace), was probably a Type 9. He was so kind, loving, and amiable, never one to cause a ruckus – unless of course he was chasing a squirrel.

Dog Parents Guess Their Dogs’ Types

Your answers to “Which Enneagram Type is Your Dog?” are both funny and enlightening! Thank you to everyone who shared stories about their beloved pets. 🙂


We discuss the purpose and benefits of personality typing with Enneagram enthusiast and life coach, Kelsey Taylor. She provides excellent insight into how her study of the Enneagram has affected her parenting, both human and canine.

Show Notes

For more information about the 9 types and how they relate to dog breeds, check out the great article below.

“Enneagram Types for Dogs” by Dog Friendly San Antonio

Thanks for joining us in our chat about dogs and the Enneagram! Have fun learning about your dogs!

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