About Jack Russell Parents

About Jack Russell Parents

Becca Morales

Becca Morales, the host of the Jack Russell Parents podcast, is an award-winning actress, children’s author, and educator. She grew up raising animals in Northern California’s Sonoma County. Then, she graduated with a B.A. in Theatre Arts from California State University – Northridge. After starring in numerous theatrical and independent film roles, she relocated to central Texas.

She has authored articles and short stories including “Not Now, Natalie” in Ladybug Magazine. Her children’s novel Walter Plume and the Dehydrated Imagination and her Silly Kitty & Funny Hunny picture book series can be found on Amazon.

Becca loves binging books and British TV reruns, volunteering to direct children’s theater, adoring her pup, while living in denial about her raging coffee addiction.

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Gabe Morales

Co-host of the Jack Russell Parents podcast, native Texan Gabe Morales is a graphic and marketing designer. He uses the arts to bring awareness to various US and international non-profit organizations and causes.

He too has a passion for caffeine, cooking for Becca, and bowing to Carson’s every whim. Also, for anything made with chocolate, flour, or sugar.

Carson Morales

A proud Jack Russell (aka Parson) Terrier, Carson is 40-something in people years. Thus, he is the self-proclaimed head of the Morales household.

He loves fetching for hours on end and traveling by car anywhere at all. Also, demanding biscuits after midnight. Not to mention giving all manner of Texas flora and fauna a piece of his mind. From behind closed windows.

The Show

Jack Russell Parents is the podcast celebrating Jack Russell Terrier dogs and the joys of companionship with canines of every kind. Each week, we’ll explore all the hilarious and humbling, heartfelt and harrowing stories that only dog parents can relate to. Even those from you, our fans and listeners.

We’ll give you the latest dog news from around the world, as well as puppy parenting advice from leading trainers and veterinarians.

Also, we’ll interview authors and illustrators who feature dogs in their creative works. Lastly, we’ll take you on live trips around central Texas, showing you all the best spots to hang out with your favorite pooch.

To learn more about Jack Russell Parents, listen weekly wherever you enjoy podcasts!


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