Barking & Noise Reactivity with Doggy Dojo Trainer Susan Light

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Barking & Noise Reactivity with Doggy Dojo Trainer Susan Light

Barking and loud noise aversion are usual issues for puppy parents – especially during the July 4th weekend. Join us as we decode the meaning of different types of barks. Stay for a fun and enlightening interview with Doggy Dojo Podcast creator and licensed dog trainer Susan Light.

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What Are Dogs Trying to Say When They Bark?


The sounds that animals use to communicate with each other, however, have much more uniformity. These sounds are different for different species, but (except for certain regional “dialects” among birds) within any one animal type, there seems to be some sort of fairly common or universal language and there appears to be a universal sound code used by most animals.

It is based on three dimensions: the pitch of the sound, the duration of the sound, and the frequency or repetition rate of the sounds.

  • The meaning of pitches: Low-pitched sounds (such as a dog’s growl) usually indicate threats, anger and the possibility of aggression. These are interpreted as meaning: “Stay away from me.” High pitch sounds mean the opposite, asking to be allowed to come closer or saying that it is safe to approach. The question is why should dogs use and understand this Law of Pitch? The answer begins with the simple observation that big things make low sounds. Read more…
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About Susan Light & Doggy Dojo

Susan Light is a Los Angeles-based certified dog trainer and founder of the Doggy Dojo podcast.

Follow her show as she seeks to learn from the industry’s best and become worthy of the title: Sensei of the Doggy Dojo!

Susan interviews experts from all over the world about their specialties in the Dog world and shares the conversations with you, the dog lover!

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Follow the Susan Light’s Doggy Dojo podcast for more excellent training info!



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