Operation Ark: Rescuing the Dog Rescuers of Afghanistan (Zoomiesode)

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Operation Ark: Rescuing Nowzad, the Dog Rescuers of Afghanistan (Zoomiesode)

Before turmoil engulfed Afghanistan this week, a charity relieved the suffering of animals in Afghanistan, including companion animals, working equines, and stray and abandoned dogs. Now they are trying to save the lives of their animals and their staff.

About Nowzad Animal Charity

From nowzad.com:

Our work in Afghanistan is to make a difference for all the dogs, cats and other animals with no voice but ours started from one man’s efforts to make a difference for one dog at a time in a place; that was back then; described as the most dangerous place on Earth… Helmand Province, Afghanistan. 

In November 2006 the men of Kilo Company of 42 Commando Royal Marines arrived in the war torn town of ‘Now Zad’ in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Their mission; provide stability for the local people during a period of ever decreasing security.

The Royal Marines soon realized that it wasn’t only the local people that needed their help. Many of the stray dogs that roamed the town of ‘Now Zad’ now had a guardian for the first time in their lives; in the form of Royal Marine Sergeant ‘Pen’ Farthing.

listen now dog podcast

However you can help the people and animals of Afghanistan, please consider doing so!



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