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Jack Russell Family Update: The Latest in Dog Enrichment

What is dog enrichment and why is it important? We sniff out some excellent ideas to enrich your pup’s lives, bring you a pair of gorgeous Great Danes for our InstaDog(s) of the week, and share some excellent Puppy Parent Replies about how y’all engage and stimulate your dogs’ instincts with fun activities.

Dog Enrichment Activities


There are many ways to enhance your home environment quickly, cheaply, and involve the whole family in fun activities that have a big payoff. (We haven’t forgotten about our feline friends either.

We asked dog trainer and owner of Affinity Canine Education, Sara Paulik, to share her favorite enrichment tips and tricks below that you can easily do at home.

We’ve also compiled our favorite enrichment toys, DIY dog toys, training games, and other activities below so you never run out of ideas!

Muffin Tin Dog Puzzle

“I adore this enrichment puzzle because it’s so simple to do but really works a dog’s brain. Grab a muffin tin, tennis balls, and a few dog treats, kibble, or even a vegetable or two! You can put these in every tin and cover it with a ball — or as your dog gets better at this puzzle with practice, only put the food in a few of the tins but cover them all with balls. It’s a great way to work their sense of smell and practice problem-solving,” says article author Cathy Madson.

Visit this site for more excellent ideas (both DIY and for purchase) to enrich your dogs’ lives.



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Try a dog enrichment activity this week to bring excitement and adventure to your dog’s life!



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