4 Ways to Know Whether You’re Ready for a Jack Russell Terrier

how to know if you're ready for a jack russell terrier
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4 Ways to Know Whether You’re Ready for a Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Parents Podcast believes Jack Russell Terriers are more than a breed of dog. They are a calling. When you welcome a JRT into your family, you take on a mission. A mission to raise the strongest willed, intensely lovable, and fiercely loyal creature ever to share a home with humans. Wanna know if you got what it takes to survive? Here are four ways to know whether you are ready for a Jack Russell Terrier.

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You Have Space

Jack Russell Terriers have enough energy to get Texas through a snow storm. Thus, they need plenty of square footage to expend it. If you do not have a fenced in yard, be sure you have easy access to a dog park or are able to go on frequent long walks. JRTs who cannot burn their energy become unhappy and unhealthy. Remember: “A tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy.”

You Have Time

The Force is so strong with JRTs that a lack of proper training and reinforcement can lead lead them to the Dark Side. They are instinctively stubborn, mischievous, and (dare we say) manipulative. Therefore, depending on where they fall in the Alpha-Beta spectrum, keeping them on the Light Side can take years. Training yourself to never leave socks, remote controls, food, or paper products unattended is also part of the journey.

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You Have Patience

A wise person once said, “You can never win a battle of wills against a Jack Russell Terrier.” Once a JRT has it’s mind/desire set on something (whether it’s a squirrel in the tree, the socks on your feet, or the food on your plate), it’s nearly impossible to change its mind. Distraction is the key to your happiness. As your JRT pup learns the rules of its new home, use distraction and positive reinforcement. However, exercise caution; as against the Borg, your distraction weapon might work only once. Jack Russell Terriers are far too smart to be tricked the way a basic dog can.

You Have Room in Your Heart

The final way to know if you are ready for a Jack Russell Terrier is if you need love in your life. JRTs truly see their humans as family. As a result, they are fiercely loyal and the loss they will feel in your absence—like the rest of their senses—is many times more powerful than ours. (Hence the reason you’ll never be able to potty solo again.) JRTs will love you like no other dog can, while simultaneously testing the limits of your love and patience. They are the ultimate furry paradox.

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We hope you are ready for a Jack Russell Terrier. They are truly amazing animals who will steal your heart—along with any other valuables within reach.

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