How to Celebrate National Puppy Day

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How to Celebrate Your Pup on National Puppy Day

Every day must feel like a celebration to dogs. Their perpetual joy is unshakable. Humans, on the other hand, often need an excuse to celebrate — and what better reason than National Puppy Day! Make the most of March 23rd this year by employing one/all of these fun-filled ideas to make your furry family member feel extra special on their special day.

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Go to the Endless Dog Party (aka Dog Park)

As far as the pups are concerned, being at a busy dog park any day of the year is a party. Make it extra special by arranging with other dog families to bring their pups, or by catering dog-friendly party food (see #3). Visit for the closest dog party, er, park.

National Puppy Day Dinner Date

There are plenty of restaurants that offer dog-safe menu options for take out, or socially distanced outdoor seating. Lazy Dog Restaurant is an excellent option. Of course, there’s always Starbucks’s Puppucino or In-n-Out Burger’s Puppy Patty.

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Doggy Shopping Spree

Visiting a dog-friendly store is always a delight for our four-legged family members! PetSmart, for example, provides endless sights and smells for even the most docile of canines. While you’re there, let them “pick out” some favorite toys and treats to take home.

Make Pupcakes

Googling “pupcake recipe” is sure to bring you hours of scrolling fun. We especially recommend trying Nagi’s potato-based pupcake recipe. (Carson said they’re delicious!) Just be sure to consider your dog’s dietary restrictions and caloric intake needs before feeding them too many treats.

National Puppy Day Photo Sesh

Though they are with us for a relatively short time, dogs make a permanent impression. Create a long-lasting keepsake with the help of a professional photographer. Visit for a list of pro shutterbugs in your area.

Get a Treat & Toy Subscription

Who doesn’t love getting presents in the mail? Especially during these trying times. For all you Jack Russell Terrier parents out there, or for anyone who as an especially rambunctious pup, we highly recommend a “Super Chewer” subscription from the makers of BarkBox.

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Support a Dog Charity

There are sooo many wonderful dog-centric organizations doing wonderful things for dogs and their human companions. For example, Can Do Canines partners specially trained dogs to people with disabilities. Patriot Paws trains and provides pups for disabled American veterans. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation trains dogs who save lives during major crises.

Protect Your Dog

What a helpless feeling it is when your furbaby escapes! Drastically increase your odds of getting them back by getting an collar with identification tags, an implanted ID chip, and a GPS tracker. To learn more about pet ID microchipping, check out this article from the U.S. Humane Society.

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Volunteer at a Dog Shelter

Dogs in temporary homes need love too! Reach out to your local animal shelter to see if they accept volunteer help to exercise and lift the pups’ spirits until they find their forever families. Here’s a link to find a shelter in your area.

Expand Your Family with a New Pup

This last suggestion is, of course, a major commitment which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Too many dogs are given as holiday gifts, only to end up in a shelter weeks later. Our beloved pup, Carson, was actually a Valentine’s Day present. So, if you are looking for a new member of the family, what better way to celebrate National Puppy Day than by rescuing a pup from your local dog shelter.

Jack Russell Parents wishes you and your family a Happy National Puppy Day!

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