Famous JRTs: Moose aka Eddie from Frasier

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Famous JRTs: Moose aka Eddie from Frasier

In this, the first of our Famous Jack Russell Terrier episodes, we chat about the legendary career of Moose aka Eddie from Frasier, the award-winning TV show which aired from September 1993 through May 2004.

Special thanks to the talented Keithron Powell for the use of his excellent a cappella cover of the Frasier theme song, “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs” (video below). Featuring singer Kendra Cash.

And be sure to check out Keith’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/KeithronPowell

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Who is Moose?

From thepetpress-la.com

In a special area backstage at the Emmy-winning comedy show Frasier is a pet kennel.  Lacking silk curtains and plush carpeting, this is where one of TV’s hottest stars, a 4-year old Jack Russell terrier named Moose, rests between rehearsals.  Known to fans of Frasier as Eddie, he is the beloved companion of Frasier’s dad, who shares an apartment with his stuffy radio-shrink son.  With one hit season under his belt, stardom hasn’t really changed the canine comedian: according to his trainer, Mathilde de Cagny, “he’s still the same old Moose who likes to chase cats.” 

In fact, chasing cats was one of the activities that led to this troubled terrier becoming one of TV’s most precious pooches.  Originally owned by a Florida family, Moose was too hard to handle.  He couldn’t be house trained; he chewed everything; he dug and barked a lot; and he was constantly escaping and climbing trees.  Eventually given to the Florida manager of Birds and Animals Unlimited, a company that trains animals for TV and motion pictures, Moose was put on a plane at 2 ½ – years old and sent to Mathilde de Cagny, an LA trainer working for the show-biz animal company.  More…

Be sure to check out HULU to see the hilarious hijinks of Moose aka Eddie from Frasier.


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