Dog Sleeping Arrangements

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Dog Sleeping Arrangements

This week, we examine the meaning of dog sleeping positions. We’ll also share great JRT fan answers about how their Jack Russells take over their beds, too.

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Where Do Jack Russells Like to Sleep?


Like humans, Jack Russells sleep in a comfortable environment. They need a good and cozy space that allows them to fall into a deep good night’s sleep.

You can help them sleep in a better way for your Jack Russell’s growth by ensuring they are getting enough comfort. In this case, you need separate soft beds for your little one. Make sure that your house is not too hot or cold for them. More…

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Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean


The positions dogs sleep in, can reveal a lot about how they’re feeling. Sleeping habits can give clues about a dog’s health and happiness that you can interpret if you know what to look for. Here are a few facts about your dog’s sleeping positions and what they might mean.

All Curled Up A very common position dogs take when sleeping is to be all curled up. It’s a common position for animals to take in the wild, too, as it protects the vital organs, helps conserve warmth, and makes it easy to get up quickly. This position restricts movement during sleep, so you may see less twitching from a dog that snoozes in a ball. You might think that a dog that sleeps in this position would be uncomfortable in his surroundings, and while that may be the case, it’s not necessarily true. It’s a common position in fall and winter months when the weather is cool, or it may just simply feel better for a particular dog to sleep in that position. More…

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Is there anything cuter than a dog sleeping?
We don’t think so.


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