Bonding with Dogs feat. Dogs BOND Board Game Creator Alex Lu

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Bonding with Dogs feat. Dogs BOND Board Game Creator Alex Lu

In this special extended episode, we sniff out the best ways to begin bonding with dogs. Then we chat with Alex Lu, the creator of an amazing new board game called Dogs BOND.

In Dogs BOND, the players are shelter dogs gaining points and skills in hopes of being adopted into their forever home! Find out more and pre-order your copy at

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How to Bond with Your Dog


Bonding also requires an understanding of canine nature. Here are a few things experts would like you to consider. 

Dogs need to be respected as individuals. Bonding with a dog is like fostering a friendship with another person, says Stelow, who is board-certified in veterinary behavior. “It can’t be forced, but it can be encouraged in many of the same ways. Look for common interests and preferred activities, share quiet moments, engage in mutually acceptable affection, play interactive games, always be nice.”

Look at things through your dog’s eyes. “People tend to interact with every dog in the same way: they move toward them, lean over, look them in the eye, and thump them on the head. The truth is that many dogs are intimidated by the eye contact and head-thumping, and would prefer getting treats, walking together, and getting soft neck rubs,” offers Dr. Terri Bright, director of Behavior Services at MSPCA-Angell in Boston. More…

Image courtesy of Dogs BOND

Dogs BOND Board Game


We Are Dog-People and Gamers

Our mission is to create a family friendly board game that brings us together to infuse the rescue story with fun, joy, and play. Through this game we hope to promote positive conversation about rescue and adoption, becoming advocates and raising funds for rescue organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Bonding with dogs will change your life fur-ever!


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