In-N-Out Burger’s Pup Patty (Minisode)

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The In-N-Out Burger Pup Patty (Minisode)

We were out of the studio for this week’s episode! Our dog park plans were rained out, so what better way to boost our spirits than the In-N-Out Burger Pup Patty?

We were so excited we even sang the old school In-N-Out theme song… for which we sincerely apologize.

BTW we are not affiliated with In-N-Out, just big fans, as is any one with functioning taste buds… 🙂

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Becca and Carson, getting a Pup Patty on a sunny day

In-N-Out Secret Menu for Dogs


In-N-Out offers a couple options for dogs: The first is the pup patty, which is a plain, salt-free burger patty. Another off-menu item, which is also available for humans but was supposedly originally devised for dogs, is the Flying Dutchman, which is two beef patties and two slices of cheese.

Photo cred: @popeyethefoodie

What is In-N-Out All About?


Our commitment to quality starts with our hamburgers. And our burgers begin with our patties. Each patty is made using only fresh, individually inspected, whole chucks from premium cattle selected especially for In-N-Out Burger. Our team of Associates removes the bones, grinds the meat and then makes each patty.

We have always made our hamburger patties ourselves using only fresh, 100% USDA ground chuck — free of additives, fillers and preservatives. We deliver them to our stores direct from our own patty-making facilities in Baldwin Park, California; Lathrop, California; and Dallas, Texas. We control the whole process, so we can be certain of the quality and freshness of every patty we make.

Watch video below for OG. version of the theme song! 👇

The In-N-Out Burger Pup Patty, or one of their other dog-friendly offerings, is sure to make your puppy’s day!



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