What Are Your Dog’s Best Tricks?

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What Are Your Dog’s Best Tricks?

Let’s brag about all the cool things our dogs can do! Or all the hilarious ways they defy our commands! So, what are your dog’s best tricks?

This week, we share a few step-by-step instructions for popular tricks (wait, yawn, bow), then dig into some hilarious social media feedback about your dogs’ best crowd-pleasers.

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Carson’s List of Tricks

We begin this week’s episode listing Carson’s many different tricks and trained behaviors: sit, play dead, roll over, spin, lie down, high five, and many more.

Stop barking, you’ll notice, is not on the list. He hates being shushed!

what's are your dog's best tricks

Puppy Trick Training Tips

From successdogs.com:

Wait (aka Stay)

This is a great one to add to the list of your dog’s best tricks! The idea of this trick is to encourage calm self-control in your dog. By learning that he only gets a reward when he is calm and waits for permission then your dog will be focused to learn.

Visually pleasing to both the trainer and onlookers the wait command makes your dog appear completely obedient and tuned into the wishes of his trainer, this action is useful as a prelude to something more complicated. For a simple trick to teach, the wait command is neat and effective and extremely useful.

Dog trainers love this trick because it teaches a dog to focus and be controlled during training sessions and everyday life.

To teach the wait command you will need a treat and a quick hand.

  1. Sit down on a chair and ask your dog to sit in front of you
  2. When your dog is sitting nicely, show him a treat and ask him to wait
  3. Slowly place the treat onto your knee whilst your dog is watching you. If the dog moves or reaches for the treat take it away very quickly and ask him once again to sit and wait.
  4. Repeat the previous two stages as many times as you need to until you can put the treat on your knee without the dog moving or trying to take it, always use the word wait.
  5. Eventually your dog will sit and wait despite the tempting treat on your knee often he will look directly into your eyes, pleading for his treat.
  6. When you are certain that your dog is not going to move you can give permission by saying “take it” and allowing your dog to take the treat.

More trick advice, here.

your dog's best trick
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Puppy Parent Replies

We asked other puppy parents, “What is your Dog’s best trick?” We posted in an all dogs group and here are some of the replies:

Joyce K: I have 2 and their best trick is that they exist and make my life so much better.

Michael A: Give me that remote!

Linda B: When I ask for a hug he jumps on my lap and puts his hands around my neck!

The JRT Puppy Parent Replies sound like this:

Oscar D: Same as our teenagers: selective hearing.

Dave N: Ignoring me.

Demetra D: Finding as many squeaky toys to play with as soon as I get into bed.

Listen above to hear the rest of the hilarious replies!

Your dog’s best trick is every dog’s best trick: their effortless ability to make us fall head-over-paws in love with them!



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