JRT Rescue Successes with Rescue Dog Moms Host Yamini Coen

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JRT Rescue Successes with Rescue Dog Moms Host Yamini Coen

We asked fellow Jack Russell Terrier parents about their rescue dog experiences and were blown away by the emotional resonance of the 500+ responses we received.

After sharing some of these wonderful rescue stories, we have a great conversation with RescueDogMoms podcast host and creator Yamini Coen about her work as a foster dog mom, memorable rescue stories, and Canadian dog charities.

About RescueDogMoms

From rescuedogmoms.ca:

RescueDogMoms is a typical pandemic project that started as an obsession with dogs and grew into an obsession of “talking about dogs”. This podcast is a dog parenting podcast, for those who love the four-legged friends that they rescued – because they got rescued right back. Each week, we bring on a dog mom to talk about their dogs and how they changed their lives. Most of these are my friends, with some Instagram stalking incorporated as well.

About Yamini: Yamini is a public relations professional and a rescue mom. She spends her free time volunteering and fostering with various Toronto dog rescues. She loves reality TV, the Internet (especially TikTok right now) and eating delicious food. Sometimes she shares it with Boss.

About Boss: Boss is a rescue dog from Tennessee, rescued by Fetch + Releash. He was adopted in May 2020 and in this short time of being a pandemic baby, he has already conquered so many hearts. His favourite things are squeaky balls, baby carrots and blankets.

Connect with Yamini

Website: rescuedogmoms.ca
IG: @rescuedogmomspod

Podcast creator and her fur baby
listen now dog podcast

Thank you to everyone for sharing a such beautiful rescue stories! Try rescuing a dog; they might just save you in return



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