George the Jack Russell Terrier Saves New Zealand Children from Pit Bull Attack (Zoomiesode)

jack russell terrier saves children in pit bull attack
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George the Jack Russell Terrier Saves New Zealand Children from Pit Bull Attack

Yes, you read that title correctly… George, a tiny, bravehearted Jack Russell Terrier saves children from pit bulls which attacked them while they were walking home in Manaia, a small New Zealand town. Don’t miss this incredible story!

Afterward we give a shout out to the TWS Sports, an amazing podcast hosted by autistic students who interview famous sports figures.

Image Cred: Spaced Geek on Reddit

George the Hero Jack Russell


A feisty Jack Russell terrier has given his life to save five children from a mauling by two savage pit bulls.

The tiny dog leapt to the defence of the children – aged between four and 11 – when the two dogs threatened them on the way to a dairy in Manaia, New Zealand, on Sunday.

The attack was the final straw for the South Taranaki District Council, which says it intends hunting down all dangerous and unregistered dogs and neutering them.

Richard Rosewarne, 11, the oldest of the children, said the pit bulls came up behind them and were going for his brother Darryl Wilson, 4.

TWS Sports Podcast Shoutout


Welcome to TWS Sports Podcast. This podcast is hosted by pupils with autism from Tettenhall Wood Special School in Wolverhampton. Each week we will be interviewing a famous sportsman or woman and chatting to them about their career and sport .

listen now dog podcast

Let’s hear it for George, the Jack Russell Terrier who saves! For he’s jolly good puppy… and so say all of us!



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