Top 8 80’s Songs About Jack Russell Terriers

top 8 80's songs about jack russell terriers
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Top 8 80’s Songs About Jack Russell Terriers

There’s so many radical 80’s songs, but only a handful perfectly characterize JRTs, the most bodacious breed of all! We kid you not—here are the top 8 80’s songs about Jack Russell Terriers.

And because we couldn’t get enough 80’s music, we include an honorable mention list of fantabulous suggestions from other Puppy Parents.

Listen above to know our top 8 choices!


Our deepest gratitude goes to all the righteous musicians who hooked us up with permission to use their dope cover songs. This episode woulda been bogus without you!

Support these tubular artists at their channels below!

Sophie Lloyd


Kelly Shepherdson

Patrick Carroll

Georgie Chard

Jared Halley


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Which of the top 8 80’s song about JRTs best describes your furbaby?



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