Every Marvel Avenger is a Jack Russell Terrier at Heart (Zoomiesode)

every marvel avenger is a jack russell terrier at heart
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Every Marvel Avenger is a Jack Russell Terrier at Heart (Zoomiesode)

You read that right. Deep down inside, every Marvel Avenger is a Jack Russell Terrier at heart. How so? Listen to find out!

Puppy Parent Replies

Other Jack Russell parents had excellent answers to our question, “Which Marvel Avenger does your JRT remind you of?” Here are a few:

Mitzi S.  Pip reminds me of spiderman…kinda confused but friendly and all over the place…Gumball is Captain America. A leader handsome, loyal and truly worthy.

Chelsea B.  Loki, or Antman, because she’s smalll

Paul E.  Ant man but she thinks she’s Thanos

Paula M.  Not a marvel avenger but a feisty Irish woman

Bob P.  Has to be Loki. God of mischief!

Tasha W.  Bob, very fitting especially since it’s a Jack Russell on The Mask and the mask they wear is the mask of Loki.

Rick W.  The Flash. Oh wait, that’s DC.

Scott T.  Thor! (His actual name) God of thunderous barking.

Ken F.  Spider man. He’s never on the ground

Laura C.


Indeed, Laura. There’s nothing like a Jack Russell Terrier!

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Enjoy binging the Marvel movies and TV shows knowing you’re seeing an entire cast of Jack Russell Terriers!



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