The Battle of the Bowl: How to Help Picky Eaters

how to help picky eaters
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The Battle of the Bowl: How to Help Picky Eaters

What can you do when your dog won’t eat? Are they ill, or just suffering from “picky-itis”? Listen for great advice and get-’em-eating tricks for picky eaters, no matter the breed!

Why Are Dogs Picky Eaters?


Does it seem like your dog suddenly has lost interest in eating food? Knocks over their bowl out of boredom with their food? While it could mean you have a picky eater on your hand, changes in appetite could also signal a greater health problem that should be addressed right away, particularly in young puppies, senior dogs, or pets with known underlying health conditions.

“The saying goes, ‘Some dogs eat to live, other dogs live to eat,’” says Dr. Jerry Klein, Chief Veterinary Officer of the American Kennel Club.

Some eating habits can be tied to your dog’s genetics – with some breeds known to have heartier appetites, but much of it is due to the environment, he explains.

Why Are Dogs Picky Eaters?


Some owners have to put up with the fact that their dog is a life-long picky eater…

While others find that their dog becomes picky all of a sudden.

It doesn’t matter what the cause, getting a fussy dog to eat his meal is can feel like an impossible task.

So what do you do when your dog will not eat his food?

We surveyed 500 dog owners and consulted with an animal behaviorist to find the best solutions for dogs that refuse to eat.

With their help, we put together this list of 22 solutions. By the time you have finished reading, you will know what you need to do to get your dog to eat.

#1 See your vet

Some of the most common medical conditions that lead to picky eating include:

  • Swallowed something they shouldn’t
  • Dental disease
  • Allergies
  • Infection
  • Parasites
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Arthritis or spine issues
  • Vaccination side effects

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Have patience with your picky eater. Their fuzzy tummies and hearts will thank you!



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