Thanksgiving Foods Toxic to Dogs

top thanksgiving foods toxic to dogs
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Thanksgiving Foods Toxic to Dogs

DISCLAIMER: This is not an exhaustive list! And always consult your vet before changing or adding anything to your pet’s diet!

Even healthy foods are not healthy for everyone, including pups. This week we explore Thanksgiving foods toxic to dogs. Below are the top holiday foods to keep away from your dogs this holiday season.

top thanksgiving foods toxic to dogs


  • Turkey Neck, Skin and Bones (choke hazards!)
  • Too Much Salt, which can be pretty much everything, depending on how heavy handed you are…
  • Too Much Dairy, like casseroles, mac and cheese
  • Anything Prepared with Garlic, which is also pretty much everything
  • Anything Prepared with Onions, like casseroles and stuffings 
  • Raisins or Grapes – these are high in sugar 
  • Mushrooms. Certain varieties of mushrooms are toxic to dogs and they do not have the digestive enzymes needed to digest properly. They can have digestive issues and even kidney failure if they get a hold of the wrong kind of mushroom, so better to be safe than sorry and just avoid mushrooms altogether.
  • Raw Eggs – be careful of this if you are the baking type, especially if something falls on the floor.
  • Sugar, Marshmallows and especially Artificial Sweeteners (like xylitol)
  • Chocolate – always a no-no!
  • Sage and Nutmeg, whether fresh or dried
  • Corn on the Cob

Listen for more vital info about what to – and what NOT to – feed your dogs on Thanksgiving…

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