Why We’re Thankful for Our Dog (Zoomiesode)

why we're thankful for our dog
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Why We’re Thankful for Our Dog (Zoomiesode)

Today we thought it would be great to count our blessings, why we’re thankful for our dog. And we bet you can relate to all of these blessings if you have fuzzy four-legged family members!

We’re Thankful for Our Dog Because…

He’s the Best Alarm Clock! Almost every morning year-round Carson is up and at ‘em between the hours of 4 and 5AM. Even when Daylight savings hits, his internal clock stays the same! He also has alarms set for feeding times, morning walks, and evening play times! He never misses an appointment.

The next reason we’re thankful for our dog, is he’s the Best Bathroom Guard! Whenever nature calls, I can be sure that Carson will either accompany me or stand at attention right outside the door. No one’s getting through that door. He needs to keep his mama safe.

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Puppy Parent Replies

Josie M.
They don’t judge you, criticise you and love you for who you are unconditionally

John B.
Our current little girl JRT is a real clown and a character. The most playful of all the dogs I have had over 37 years. I come home to toys everywhere and she comes running to the door with a stuffed toy in her mouth, I feel like I have a perpetual 5 year old in my life. I’m 67 and have no children. She is our joy!

Wendy L.
Because their souls are so pure and their love is unconditional.

Crystal G.
He’s my canine soulmate. I suffer from PTSD and the related depression and anxiety and if it weren’t for little Ben, I’d never get out of bed!

Susan T.
My JRT behaves better than the children I did have !!

Scott G.
I was very lazy, and then getting my JRT Cody forced me to get up off the couch and take him for walks. I’m losing weight by exercising and becoming an overall better person! I eat better, and take better care of myself for him, wanting to be around as long as I can!

Carmen B.
She’s the second child. We never had She’s so full of love.

Patti D.
Bandit my JRT, is my child & I never could have kids

Paulette Y.
My JRT kid loves me unconditionally!!!

why we're thankful for our dog

Christine F.
Social interaction has gone up by 300 % and I now feel maybe more connected in the area I live in . There has been huge learning in having patience and a positive mindset oh and the cuddles and laughs…..

Linda H.
Other than I love dogs and have always had one, they are the one thing on earth that is as devoted to us as we are to them. They are like a child to those of us with an empty nest or who have never had children. But most of all it is the love they give, and the forgiveness they give as well.

Angela M.
Our Jack Russell has kept us alive since our son died in ‘13. I don’t know how we’d have survived without her.

Nancy M.
I have had a dog ever since I was one year old. My Daddy bought me a puppy for my 1st birthday. All of them have been small terriers/mixes. The last 3 dogs I have had are jrts, (all resues). I am retired now, but they have all been my “babies”. As a child, I dressed them in doll clothes. I am a single mother. They are my friends, playmates, companions, and certainly one of my greatest joys in life!

Camille O.
Because they are patient with us and always their with love

Maiia S.
I am thankful for the unconditional love they’ve shown me during some very hard days.. after not being able to have a dog for almost 6 years I forgot how much they fill my heart with Joy and love it’s worth getting up early every day, picking up poop, toys extra laundry it’s all worth it to love them and it be given back.

Naomi A.
Toby considers himself one of the kids. My kids see him as their doggy brother. The love is unconditional.

Megan S.
I am thankful for my Lola, because she has been with me through several severe bouts of depression. If it wasn’t for her always being there for me, I wouldn’t still be here.

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As we’re blessed enough to fill our bellies this holiday, we know our precious doggies will be there to fill our hearts.



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